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Lawsuit Likely to Delay Construction of Approved Corral Village

After a decade of environmental review, dozens of hearings, hundreds of support emails from Toro Area residents, the county supervisors approved the Corral Village on February 7, 2012.

A month later, a small group of ardent objectors filed a lawsuit in an effort to further obstruct the shopping village supported by 78% of local residents.

The Phelps family, who has owned the 11 acre site at the corner of Corral de Tierra and Highway 68 for 40 years, intends to vigorously defend the Corral Village. The Phelps had hoped to break ground in 18 months and complete construction within a year. The legal challenge could delay the start of construction for another year.

Lawsuit Delays Community and Environmental Benefits

Irony abounds in this recent attempt to delay the Corral Village. First off, the lawsuit backers don't largely live here. They experience the site as they drive by it on 68. Extensive measures were taken to preserve views of the site to the passerby. Local residents want and need the neighborhood serving shops and services. Without the village, area residents will have to continue to drive to Monterey and Carmel to meet daily needs. That means more traffic on Highway 68, more carbon emissions, and a lower quality of life.

Above: rendering of the proposed, low-lying grocery store in the Corral Village. Click to Enlarge.

Second, the obstructionists claim to be concerned about the environment. The project they aim to block would actually bring local and regional environmental benefits. Project delays do nothing to solve environmental problems.

Corral Village would be the county's first, green LEED new construction commercial project. A rainwater harvesting and recharge system, combined with intense water conservation measures incorporated into the village design, mean that the project adds to groundwater supply.

Because the Corral Village provides local shopping to an area that has none, it also complies with smart growth, climate change policies dictated by SB 375. The village EIR found that the project reduces traffic on 68 and nearby roads by 3,500 vehicle miles traveled every day.

Creating Community

For the local Phelps Family, it’s always been about the community. They will continue to work to build Corral Village to create a community hub that offers places to gather, a community identity and high quality, neighborhood shops and services that allow neighbors to get off of Highway 68.

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