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There are 13,500 residents in residential enclaves in the Toro Area along Highway 68 between Salinas and Monterey. Neighborhoods stretching off of Highway 68 include: Serra Village, Toro Park Estates,  San Benancio, The Villas, The Meadows, Markham Estates, Corral de Tierra Country Club, Laureles Grade, Chamisal, Laguna Seca Estates,  Pasadera Country Club, and Monterra.

Many families reside in the area. Over 25 percent of the local population is under 18 years old. With its natural beauty, favorable climate, and rural character, communities within and around Corral de Tierra, California, 93908 offer local residents a high quality of life.


There’s just one thing missing. There is no town center, no central hub, no community core. Residents have to travel 10 or more miles to find a grocery store. There’s no local place to grab a cup of coffee with friends, drop off dry cleaning or stroll around on a nice warm evening before having dinner with friends and family. There’s no gathering place to catch up on community events.

Corral Village will be that community hub and neighborhood shopping village that gets people off of 68.

Here is a sampling of neighbor comments:

"Corral Village will be a welcome convenience and it will enhance my quality of life to be able to shop near my home." Viki, Country Club

"Our community needs a place to come together and we're excited about having the village." Mary Lou, Toro Park

"Best of luck on the project. It is needed and wanted." Sharon, San Benancio

"Corral Village has the potential of being to 'off 68' residents what the Mid Valley Center is to Carmel Valley: oft used and a community resource." Doug, Toro area resident

"On a human and emotional scale, this proposed village would provide a gateway and support system for Corral de Tierra." Jeri, Corral de Tierra