Corral Village

Community hub cuts traffic on 68 and serves local residents


The Corral Village approved by Monterey County in February 2012 works to meet two important objectives:

  • Significantly reduce traffic on Highway 68 by offering high-quality goods and services locally, so that local residents do not have to travel on Highway 68 to Salinas and Monterey to meet daily needs.
  • Create a community hub and a sense of place and identity where neighbors can gather for shopping, services, dining and social interaction.


The community wants Corral Village. In two surveys, support for the village was overwhelming with three out of four local residents expressing support for a community hub at the corner of Corral de Tierra and Highway 68. Hundreds of neighbors wrote support letters to the county and attended one of dozens of public hearings on the village application. Read more 


The site plan for the Corral Village was revised four times during the environmental review process to reduce its size and to protect scenic views. The final and county-approved site plan includes 99,970 gross square feet broken up into 10 buildings. All buildings except one are single storied. Wide, deep planted berms along frontage roads and landscaping in the 12 parking islands work to create a green visual screen for passersby. Read more….

Rendering above depicts a view of the Corral Village from Highway 68 five years after construction (Click to enlarge)


The Phelps Family purchased the Corral Village site over 40 years ago. They submitted a complete application for the village in 2004 and the county spent six years studying the possible environmental impacts of the village. The village EIR found that the project will help the environment by reducing traffic on 68, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and adding to groundwater supplies. The county approved the village, which would be the first ever, new construction green LEED commercial project in the county, in February 2012. Construction was set to start in 18 months with completion due a year later. However, opponents filed a legal challenge of the village (ironically, on the basis of an inadequate EIR) which could delay the project by six months to a year. Read more


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