For the local Phelps Family, it has always been about the community. They bought the property in 1970 with a hope of creating a town center and entrance for the community. They surveyed their neighbors twice to make sure that their plans served community needs.

The Phelps first surveyed the community in 1993 to determine “community interest in and support for a neighborhood-serving shopping village.” Over 90% of those surveyed supported the concept.

The community was surveyed again in 2002 as the Phelps Family finalized the plans to submit to the county. (The county has been reviewing the Phelps Family application for over seven years.) The primary purpose of the second survey was to see what types of shops and services the community wanted. Click here to read the survey conducted by the independent firm of Pearson Research in Santa Cruz.

Over a third of the 3,074 postcard surveys were returned in 2002. More than three out of four local residents expressed support for a village-style, community hub at the corner of Corral de Tierra and Highway 68.


Local shopping means less traffic on Highway 68. Respondents helped quantify how the shopping village would take traffic off of Highway 68, because local residents would no longer have to drive to Salinas (59%), Monterey (25%) or another outside community (16%) to buy groceries or meet other needs. Respondents estimated that by shopping closer to home they would save an average of four out of the seven vehicle trips they now make on Highway 68 every week.

Grocery store, restaurants and post office are top priorities. When asked which “community services would you like to see in the village,” 76% said an upscale grocery store, 72% said some nice restaurants, and 67% said a local post office.